Mother Daughter Bonding and Trips


IMG-20121026-02490Why do you want to connect with your daughter?

As women we are all either a mother or a daughter. This very primal connection shapes us as women and can be one of the most rewarding and impactful relationship we experience. As moms, we are wired with a basic need to create happy, confident, fulfilled, loved and loving daughters. Instinctively we know it is our job to mold our daughter into the best woman she can become. The truth is we want it all for her!

Her ability to believe that she can have it all comes from all that we will instill her to create her own self worth. Everything your daughter knows herself to be and all that she is to become will depend in large part on her relationship and the depth of her connection with you, her mom.

One of the best ways to create this connection is through quality time spent investing in your mother/daughter relationship. Sometimes getting away takes out a lot of the pressures of everyday life giving you the ability to focus entirely on bonding and really connecting with your daughter. In thinking back to the great relationship I have with my own mom, I attribute that the deep connection we share today is a result of the one on one time we spent together when I was younger.

Looking back, I can see how much we bonded and how she used this time to make me feel special and loved. It was “our time” and even then I treasured it. She is an Icon in my life and modeled for me the kind of trusting relationship I hoped to have with my own daughter.

As I began looking for ways to connect with my own daughter, I realized that one on one Mother/daughter trips would create the ideal space to connect, pull us both out of our comfort zone and give us the freedom to focus on nothing else but our time together and sharing fully in the experience. Time away to a new (and exciting) environment has given us the best opportunity to build our relationship with just the two of us. Typically, we are more laid back and this gives us the chance to be more sharing and open in our conversations and feel more freedom to show our love toward each other.

Above all, we want the reassurance that during the challenges of life our daughters will be okay. Accepting that we can’t always be there to shield her, we find comfort in knowing we equipped her well emotionally and that she knows we are a safe harbor she can always count on. The memories you create with your daughter and the time taken to deepen your connection will be a resource she can always turn to during the obstacles and challenges of life. It will be reassurance for her, knowing she has your love and that your relationship with her was a priority. Taking time to show your daughter your love, fills the tapestry of her live with memories she will keep forever and builds a reservoir of undeniable knowledge of the love you feel for her.

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